Arena Policies & FAQ

Arena Policies & FAQ

Ball Arena is committed to providing world class sports and entertainment while ensuring the safety and security of our patrons. This A to Z Guide provides general information, venue policies, and answers to FAQs for guests while attending events at Ball Arena. Any Guest behavior disregarding these policies, as determined by facility management, can result in ejection from the venue.

Important Information and Phone Numbers

Venue Guide

ADA Accessibility


Dispersed wheelchair and accessible seating is available on all levels of the arena. Accessible seats are reserved for guests with disabilities who have accessible needs and their companions. Accessible seats are available in the following locations at Ball Arena but may vary depending on the event configuration:

  • Service/Floor Level: Varies by event
  • Lower Level: Sections 102, 106, 120, 130, 134, 136, 138, 140 & 144
  • Club Level: Sections 216, 236 & 256
  • Upper Level: Sections 305, 311, 317, 327, 333, 339, 345, 351, 357, 367, 373 & 379   


Accessible parking is available at Ball Arena and is provided on a first come, first served basis. Guests parking in a handicap accessible parking space must display a state-issued accessible parking permit.

  • Camry North Lot provides 103 standard ADA spaces and 7 van accessible spaces. Special Needs parking is also available in Camry North and is available to guests once all other accessible spaces are occupied. The number of Special Needs spaces available varies by event. Access Camry North Lot from 12th Street and Chopper Circle or 7th Street off Auraria Parkway.
  • Tundra Lot provides 8 standard ADA spaces and 4 van accessible spaces. Access to Tundra Lot is available off Chopper Circle.
  • Rav4 Lot provides 3 standard ADA spaces. Access Rav4 off 11th street from either Chopper Circle or Auraria Parkway.
  • For more information on Ball Arena parking and rates, please call LAZ Parking at 303-291-1111.


  1. Captioning is available for all Nuggets, Avalanche and Mammoth games. Guests can access the complimentary closed captioning service on their mobile device by going to vzp.cloud/ball. All standard data rates will apply. Guests can also visit the Guest Relations Kiosk in the Grand Atrium to borrow a device to utilize the closed captioning service.
  2. Ball Arena captioning boards are operational during all Nuggets, Avalanche and Mammoth games. The boards are strategically positioned below Sections 210, 222, 240 and 252 in the venue bowl for easy viewing.
  3. Closed captioning for concerts and special events is available upon guest request. Please contact Guest Relations at 303-405-8548 at least two (2) weeks prior to event to schedule.

Sign language interpreting services

Sign Language Interpreting services and other accommodations for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing are available. Please contact Guest Relations at 303.405.8548 or at guestrelations@teamkse.com at least two (2) weeks prior to the event to schedule this service. Guests requesting interpreting services must provide proof of ticket purchase & seat location in order for us to move forward with the booking process.


Ball Arena
1000 Chopper Circle
Denver, CO 80204

Age Restrictions

For all Nuggets, Avalanche and Mammoth games, guests three years of age and older are required to have a ticket. Guests under the age of three years may sit in a ticketed guest’s lap.

Generally, for concerts and special events, guests two years of age and older are required to have a ticket for entry.

Policies may vary for concerts and special events. Please contact Guest Relations for information pertaining to specific events at 303-405-8548.

Alcohol Policy

Ball Arena and its staff strongly encourage responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. A summary of alcohol policies is listed below:

  • Any Guest who is intoxicated before entering Ball Arena may be denied entry into the facility. Any Guest found intoxicated within Ball Arena or causing a disturbance as determined by management may be asked to leave the facility without refund and may be subject to further consequences.
  • Ball Arena does not allow alcohol (including bottled wine) to leave the arena.
  • There is a limit of two alcoholic beverages sold to or in possession of each Guest, per ID check; this is subject to change based on venue discretion or on an as needed event basis.
  • The following four documents are the only valid unexpired forms of identification acceptable by Ball Arena food vendors:
    • Current, valid Driver’s license
    • Current, valid State ID w/photo
    • Current, valid Military ID w/photo
    • Current, valid Passport
  • To encourage responsible drinking, Ball Arena and Legends participate in the Budweiser Good Sport Designated Driver program. The Budweiser Good Sport Designated Driver program promotes responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. Guests can visit the Guest Relations Kiosk at Section 120 to participate in the program.
  • Ball Arena management reserves the right to eject any individuals under the age of 21 who illegally purchase, possess or consume alcohol or are visibly intoxicated. These individuals are also subject to citation or arrest by Denver Police.
  • Individuals providing alcohol to those under 21 will also be ejected and subject to citation or arrest by Denver Police.
  • The cutoff time for alcohol sales is the start of the 4th quarter for Denver Nuggets/Colorado Mammoth games and start of the 3rd period for Colorado Avalanche games. Alcohol cutoff is usually 60 minutes prior to the end of special events/concerts unless otherwise determined by arena/event management. Alcohol cutoff times are subject to change without notice. Please contact any Guest Relations staff for more information.
  • Guests found with alcohol brought in from outside the facility or trying to leave with alcohol will be ejected and subject to a $250 citation.


Ball Arena welcomes service dogs utilized by Guests with disabilities. Service dogs must be harnessed, leashed or tethered at all times, unless special circumstances exist, and will be required to rest in the seating area of the individual with a disability, rather than in the aisle. A Guest whose service dog poses a threat to the safety of other Guests and employees, or whose dog is not housebroken, may be asked to escort the dog off the premises. Any service dog that displays vicious behavior towards other Guests or employees may be denied entry or removed from the facility. All other animals are prohibited.


There are two ATMs located inside Ball Arena, one on the Lower Level (Section 144) and one on the Upper Level (Section 366).

Bag Policy

  • No bags larger than 4in x 6in x 1.5in will be permitted in to Ball Arena. There is no bag check available for bags larger than this size. This will be our standard for all events unless otherwise specified by a special event/tour.
  • All permitted bags are subject to visual or x-ray screening upon entry.
  • Backpacks and oversized bags are NOT permitted.
  • There is no bag check available at Ball Arena. Guests will not be allowed to enter with an unapproved or oversized bag.
  • Medical and diaper bags 14in x 14in x 6in or smaller are permitted. All guests entering with medical or diaper bags are subject to x-ray screening upon entry.

Baby Care


  • Ball Arena is certified through Denver Health as a breastfeeding friendly public space and guests are welcome to nurse/pump wherever they feel most comfortable.
  • Families requesting a more private location to pump/breastfeed/feed their baby may use the UCHealth Nursing Suite located near the First Aid Station at Section 132 or on the Upper Level at Section 348. The Nursing Suite located at Section 132 is wheelchair accessible. The suites provide privacy, cleanliness and all necessities for nursing mothers including a fold down table, benches and electrical outlets. Please see the Guest Relations Kiosk at Section 120 or Section 375 or the First Aid Station at Section 132 for additional information and directions on how to access the suites. Guests can also use the First Aid Station to nurse if the Nursing Suites are occupied. Baby changing stations can be found in all men’s, women’s and family/all gender restrooms.
  • Guests are welcome to bring any pumping supplies, nursing supplies, or supplies needed to feed their baby/infant including baby food, snacks, formula, pumps, bottles, hot water, etc.

Diaper Bags

  • Medical and diaper bags 14in x 14in x 6in or smaller are permitted. All guests entering with medical or diaper bags are subject to x-ray screening upon entry. Guests are encouraged to enter via the VIP Door 1 at either our Grand (main) or East Atriums to expedite this screening process.


  • Guests are encouraged not to bring strollers into the arena. Larger strollers may be checked into our Guest Relations Kiosks located in the Grand Atrium main entrance, outside of Section 120 and outside of Section 375. Strollers are allowed in suites. Ball Arena assumes no liability for lost, stolen or damaged strollers or items left inside.

Ball/Puck in Play Policy

For the safety of all guests, while the game is in play during a hockey or lacrosse game, guests must wait at the top of the aisle, or bottom of stairs, until play has stopped to go to their seat. The portal ushers will let guests know when the puck/ball is in play. Guests refusing to comply with this rule may be ejected from the facility.

All guests are encouraged to remain physically distanced from other guests while waiting in the portals when the ball/puck is in play. 

Please note: For guests to have an enjoyable experience while attending a basketball game, please wait at the top of the aisle, or bottom of stairs, until play has stopped to go to your seat.

Bicycle & Scooter Parking

Ball Arena requests that all guests using bicycles and scooters on the property follow all safety regulations including following helmet laws, parking properly near bicycle racks out of the way of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, following all traffic laws and traveling at a safe speed. There are three bicycle racks located on Ball Arena grounds: one outside the East Atrium, one outside the Grand Atrium and one in the Toyota 4Runner Lot South.

Box Office/Ticket Operations

The Ball Arena Ticket Operations Customer Service Desk is open for customer service and guest ticketing assistance during events ONLY. There is no in-person ticket purchasing available at Ball Arena; all tickets must be purchased online at www.BallArena.com and will only be delivered electronically. 

Download the Altitude Presents mobile app prior to arrival at the venue for easy access to tickets. You can add your ticket to your mobile device (such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay) through the Altitude Presents mobile app.

Address / Location

  • 1000 Chopper Circle, Denver, CO 80204
  • The Ball Arena Ticket Operations Customer Service Desk is located between 9th and 11th Streets on Chopper Circle.


Camera Policy

Guests are welcome to bring personal, point and shoot cameras into Ball Arena. Cameras with telephoto or long interchangeable/detachable lenses and external flash (professional photography equipment) are not permitted inside Ball Arena at any time. Video recording devices, audio recording devices, monopods, bipods, tripods and selfie sticks are also not permitted. iPads and GoPros, however, are permitted for Avalanche, Nuggets and Mammoth games for use in compliance with Ball Arena’s photography and recording policies. Live streaming of any event is expressly prohibited. Video recording on any device and/or flash photography is prohibited at all times. Management reserves the right to deny any electronic device or camera accessory at their discretion. For camera/recording device policies concerning a specific event please contact Guest Relations for more information at 303-405-8548.

Cleaning Protocols

To ensure Ball Arena is cleaned to the highest industry standard, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, in conjunction with the NBA & NHL, has implemented safe and healthy cleaning protocols that align with the CDC and CDPHE standards.

  • Hand Sanitizer
    • Automated hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed throughout the concourses, restrooms, elevator banks and at concession stands.
  • HVAC Technology
    • Ball Arena is maximizing its building automation system to boost air circulation during events and to allow for maximum use of outside air in the seating bowl and public concourses. Ball Arena is in compliance with both NBA and NHL HVAC mandates, which are the highest standards in professional sports.
    • All Ball Arena air handlers have been upgraded with the highest filter rating (MERV-13) possible. MERV-13 filters capture 85% of particles that are 1 micrometer or larger which is predominantly the size of the particles carrying the COVID-19 virus through the air.
  • Electrostatic Sprayers
    • Electrostatic sprayers are being utilized to regularly disinfect areas and surfaces within the arena for both pre and post-game facility cleaning. All products used are EPA approved and effective surface disinfectant products to use against COVID –19.
  • Populous
    • KSE has partnered with Populous, the global sports venue architect and event planner, to assist in the development of the Ball Arena venue readiness plan. Populous has developed similar plans for Super Bowl LV, NCAA Final Four and other venues hosting NBA and NHL games.

Clothing / Body Art

Shirts and shoes are required for all guests entering Ball Arena. Guests are prohibited from wearing or displaying any clothing or body art containing profane or offensive material. Guests may be denied entry into the facility until the profane or offensive material is no longer visible. Guests found within the facility wearing clothing or showing body art displaying words or images that can be construed as profane or offensive by venue management will be asked to provide a solution where the offending material will no longer be displayed. If no solution can be found or the solutions do not meet the satisfaction of venue management, the guest may be ejected from the facility without a refund. Clothing that conceals a guest’s entire head is also prohibited, including full face paint and costumes/helmets with face masks. Headdresses and face paint styled in a way that references or appropriates American Indian cultures and traditions are also prohibited.

Code of Conduct


  • All Ball Arena guests are expected to maintain reasonable and appropriate behavior at all times. Any behavior disregarding the code of conduct as determined by arena/event management can result in ejection, possible arrest by Denver Police, temporary or permanent suspension from Ball Arena and our other venues and/or other disciplinary measures as determined by arena management.
  • Ejected guests will not receive a refund for their tickets or be compensated in any way. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:
    • Disturbing other guests’ enjoyment of the event. 
    • Entering a restricted area, seating area or disabled seating platform without the proper ticket. 
    • Failing to comply with instructions from facility personnel. 
    • Fighting or challenging others to fight. 
    • Harassing, taunting or using offensive language against the players, referees, performers, other guests or staff. 
    • Interference with the event or participants of the event in any way. 
    • Intoxication or disorderly conduct. 
    • Sitting in a seat without the proper ticket. 
    • Smoking inside the arena. 
    • Standing on chairs/seats/tables/platforms/railings. 
    • Throwing, tossing or discharging any object. 
    • Using profanity and/or other offensive words and gestures. 
    • Violating Ball Arena rules, regulations and policies. 
    • Violating any local, state or federal laws. 
  • Ball Arena management reserves the right to deny entry, relocate or eject guests from the facility including guests engaging in inappropriate behavior, as determined by arena/event management. Guests can text 920.520.2255 with your seat location, question or issue for arena staff assistance or may notify the nearest Ball Arena staff member of the issue. You will receive a response and Event Staff will respond to your seating section. Texting instructions can be seen on the scoreboard and fascia screens around the arena, as well as fixed signage hanging from the corners of the ceiling, and throughout the building. Standard texting and data rates will apply.

For any show or event-specific policies, please contact Guest Relations at 303-405-8548.

Compliments, Comments, Concerns

  • The Ball Arena Guest feedback form allows guests to enter a suggestion, submit a complaint or get general information regarding the arena. The Guest Relations Staff will respond to your form within 48 hours of submission.
  • GuestRelations@TeamKSE.com
  • 303.405.8548
  • Submit a Guest Feedback Form
  • The Memorable Moments Program at Ball Arena exists to elevate the guest and employee experience at all of our venues and events. We believe that Creating Memorable Moments SETS us apart and provides you, the guest, with the best possible experience.
  • Has a team member created a memorable moment for you? We want to hear about it! Email us at Memorable.Moments@TeamKSE.com to share your story.

Dietary Restrictions

Ball Arena offers various concessions locations that provide gluten-friendly and vegetarian options. Guests can visit any Guest Relations Kiosk for food guides, ingredient lists, and information regarding concessions locations that accommodate food allergies and other dietary needs.

Digital Ticketing

  • All event tickets and parking passes for Ball Arena will be digital to allow for touchless scanning from mobile devices.
  • Please add your event tickets and parking pass to your mobile wallet before coming to Ball Arena.


  • From the North: Take I-25 South; exit Speer Boulevard; proceed South and turn right on Chopper Circle.
  • From the South: Take I-25 North; exit Auraria Parkway; Ball Arena will be on the left-hand side of Auraria Parkway.


In the event of an emergency at Ball Arena, please follow the directions from the Public-Address announcers, signage throughout the venue, emergency personnel, and venue staff. Please contact venue staff with any questions or concerns and they will put you in contact with the appropriate venue representative.

Entry Inspection

  • Ball Arena now features Evolv’s state-of-the-art Evolv Express® screening solution at the entrances allowing for a faster, safer and better security experience. Guests may retain small personal items (cell phones, keys, wallets, etc.) on their person when entering unless directed otherwise by security personnel.
  • Ball Arena requires that all guests entering the venue pass through our security screening process. Alternative accommodations for screening will be provided upon request. Guests who refuse screening will be denied entry. All permitted bags are subject to search both upon entry and within the arena.

First Aid

The First Aid Station is staffed by certified medical personnel and is located on the Lower Level across from Section 132. Paramedics are available during all events at the First Aid Station and regularly patrol the arena. Please contact any staff member for assistance.

Food & Beverage

  • Ball Arena is committed to providing high-quality food and beverage options for guests throughout the venue.
  • Food & beverage operations will maintain the highest standards of compliance with current health and safety regulations. 
  • Ball Arena Concessions, Suites, and Premium location are cashless. Guests may pay with debit or credit for their convenience. Select Ball Arena locations do accept cash as payment. Please see a Guest Relations representative or go to a Guest Relations kiosk to get the most updated list of concessions that accepts cash payments.
  • Guests will be required to open bottles and cans in front of Food & Beverage employees upon purchase at concession stands in compliance with NBA/NHL rules.

Health and Safety Updates

For updated Ball Arena Health and Safety information and an updated list of events with COVID-19 protocols in place, please click here.

General Admission Information

Ball Arena welcomes guests with General Admission (GA) tickets to concerts/special events to form a line in advance of general doors for concerts and special events. Guests with GA tickets are welcome to arrive on Ball Arena property and form a line at the designated door as early as 10:00am on the morning of the event for which their ticket is valid. The line for General Admission entry starts at the Grand Atrium VIP Door 1 (the far-left door on the Southwest side of the venue), unless otherwise instructed by staff/signage. All guests with General Admission tickets MUST enter through this door. No off-site lines will be honored. For the safety of all guests, Ball Arena prohibits overnight camping on the property. Please contact Guest Relations at 303-405-8548 for more information/show specifics as General Admission information can vary for certain special events and concerts.

Guest Relations




  • Guest Relations representatives are at Ball Arena to ensure that all Guests have a safe, enjoyable experience. Ball Arena’s three Guest Relations Kiosks are open during events to assist guests with questions and address any needs they may have. The kiosks are located in the Grand Atrium, on the Lower Level at Section 120 and the Upper Level at Section 375.
  • In addition, Guest Relations staff are stationed throughout Ball Arena to provide information and assistance.

If You're Sick, Stay Home

  • If you or any member of your party is feeling sick or has symptoms associated with COVID-19 please stay home and do not come to Ball Arena.
  • People who have COVID-19 symptoms should get tested right away and stay home except to get medical care
  • Click here to learn more about COVID-19 symptoms

Lost Children/Guests

Should you get separated from your minor child or any other person in your party with a special need, you should proceed to the nearest Guest Relations Kiosk located in the Grand Atrium, at Section 120, or at Section 375. Guest Relations staff will accompany lost guests to either of these locations and keep in contact with other staff members in the building to ensure the party is reunited.

Lost & Found

Ball Arena provides lost and found services for its guests from the Guest Relations Kiosk located at Section 120, the concierge desks on the Club Level (Sections 228 and 256) and/or the Upper Level at Section 375. Found items should be taken to these locations or given to a Guest Relations staff member. During an event, guests should visit the Grand Atrium Kiosk to inquire about lost items. After an event, to check on or claim a lost and found item, please visit here. Lost and found items will be logged and kept for 14 calendar days. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity after the two-week holding period. Management assumes no responsibility for items lost at events. Any credit/debit card turned in to our lost and found that is not picked up by the end of the event will be shredded and destroyed for safety purposes.

Mask Policy

Beginning on March 12, 2022, guests are no longer required to wear masks during events taking place at Ball Arena unless wearing a facemask is required for an event listed specifically under the “Event-Specific Health and Safety Requirements” section found at VENUE INFORMATION & ENTRY PROTOCOLS | Ball Arena. Per CDC guidelines, masks are highly recommended for guests who are considered high risk.

Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments Program

Memories are Played Here at Ball Arena. Our service standard at Ball Arena is to create memorable moments by providing genuine service to our guests and teammates. This program aims to enhance the experiences of our guests and employees.

What is a Memory Maker?

Memory Makers are here to create memorable moments at all Nuggets, Avalanche and Mammoth games. Memory Makers elevate the guest experience through unique and exciting elements before, during and after games. If you see a Memory Maker, it means fun things are coming your way!

Help Reward and Recognize Our Staff

Has a staff member provided you with a memorable moment or experience at Ball Arena? Guests who would like to thank or recognize a Ball Arena staff member who has gone above and beyond to make their experience memorable can do so by emailing Memorable.Moments@TeamKSE.com. Staff members who are recognized for providing memorable service are rewarded through the Ball Arena’s Memorable Moments Program. Thank you for sharing your stories and memories with us!


Parking and Directions can be found HERE

Parking Lot & Door Times on Game / Event Days

Toyota Parking Lots at Ball Arena open three hours prior to an event and parking staff remain on duty one hour after an event. For most events, Ball Arena doors generally open one hour before an event and close to entry at the conclusion of an event. Please contact Guest Relations at 303-405-8548 for specific door times. Click here for more specific information about Ball Arena parking lots.

Phone Charging Stations

Ball Arena provides phone charging services for guests on levels of the arena. The ChargeFUZE machines provide guests the opportunity to rent or buy a power bank to charge their phone for a small fee. Guests can either return the power banks to the machine or keep them and will be charged accordingly. The banks provide 3 major charging plugs.

Guests must download the ChargeFUZE app in order to rent any devices. Guests needing help can click the “Help” function on the app for 24/7 assistance.


  • Sec. 120 next to the ARM machine
  • Sec. 256 near the restroom at the top of the escalator
  • Sec. 373 across from the restroom/around the corner from the Guest Relations Kiosk

Please direct any questions or feedback about these machines to Guest Relations team member.

Prohibited Items

For Ball Arena’s list of prohibited items, please click here. 


Ball Arena has a NO RE-ENTRY policy. Any guest that exits Ball Arena for any reason will not be permitted back into the arena.


Motion-activated faucets, flushes, towel/soap dispensers, and hand sanitizer fixtures have been installed in all bathrooms throughout Ball Arena to reduce surface contact.

Review the Ticket Terms & Conditions




  • Ball Arena is committed to providing world-class sports and entertainment while ensuring the safety and security of our guests.
  • Security: 303.405.1383
  • For a list of Prohibited items click here
  • Due to enhanced security policies, all tour guests will be required to pass through the walk through metal detectors upon entry.

Guests will be treated in a professional and courteous manner by all arena and team personnel. KSE is dedicated to the principles of equality for all guests. Guests will be treated fairly without regard to age, race, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity, color, religion, national origin, disability, military status, genetic information, or any other status protected by applicable law. Guests wearing head coverings, loose fitting or bulky garments may undergo additional security screening but will not be asked to remove any religious head coverings unless absolutely necessary to undergo additional screenings. These additional screenings may, upon request, take place in a private location out of public view and with a security officer of the same gender as the guest. Guests needing additional assistance due to a disability will also be afforded these same options.

Guests may report any violation to: 303.405.8548 or e-mail: guestrelations@teamkse.com

Sensory Inclusion

Together with KultureCity, Ball Arena is working to provide an inclusive and seamless experience for all guests with sensory processing needs. To support this initiative, Sensory Bags are available for guests to check out at all Guest Relations Kiosks at no cost. Bags include a special badge for guest recognition, fidget tools, noise-canceling headphones and other resources.

Ball Arena also features two Sensory Nooks located at Section 120 and Section 340 in the elevator lobbies. These create an encapsulated environment to positively influence mood, reduce challenging behavior & lower anxiety levels by reducing noise and other stimuli.

Please contact a Guest Relations representative for assistance or additional information.

Signs / Banners / Flags

Ball Arena holds a general policy welcoming signs, banners, and team flags during events. The following rules/regulations apply to all signs, banners, flags, and posters entering Ball Arena:

  • Item may not be attached to a stick, pole, or holding device of any sort
  • No signs/posters or banners larger than 11in x 17in are permitted in to Ball Arena. This will be our standard for all events unless otherwise specified by a special event/tour.
  • The only flags permitted at Ball Arena are team flags. Other themed flags may be permitted based on theme nights for that specific event. Please contact Guest Relations at 303-405-8548 or guestrelations@teamkse.com for event-specific information.
  • Item may not obstruct facility signage
  • Item may not contain or display any profane, offensive, or obscene language and/or pictures as determined by facility/event management
  • Item may not be, in any way, taped, attached, hung, or displayed on the facility
  • Item may not obstruct the view of other guests or create a safety hazard as determined by facility/event management
  • Item may not be constructed of wood, metal, or any other material that may cause harm to others
  • Item may not contain commercial or political messages or messages that violate the Ball Arena Code of Conduct
  • No whiteboards/markers are permitted
  • Some concerts/special events may have specific policies regarding signs/banners/flags/posters. Please contact Guest Relations at 303-405-8548 or guestrelations@teamkse.com for event-specific information.

Smoking Policy

  • Ball Arena is a non-smoking venue. Smoking or vaping of any kind is prohibited.
  • There are no indoor or outdoor smoking areas available for guests to use during events. 
  • Guests who exit the venue to smoke will not be permitted re-entry into the venue.

Any guests smoking inside the venue will be subject to ejection. Any form of marijuana consumption is prohibited on Ball Arena property. Please note, in accordance with city ordinance, smoking is not permitted within 30 feet of entry doors.

Special Occasions

Ball Arena is pleased to offer fun and unique experiences if you are celebrating a special occasion with us!


Ball Arena wants to celebrate your birthday or special occasion with you and your family! Contact our Memorable Moments team at Memorable.Moments@TeamKSE.com before the game to set up a special occasion surprise. Guests can also request to display celebratory messages in the venue with advance notice. Click here for more information and to submit your message.


Is it your first game or event at Ball Arena? Stop by any Guest Relations Kiosk to receive a certificate and pin commemorating this special event! You can also email Memorable.Moments@TeamKSE.com to set up a special occasion surprise (pending availability).

Strobe/Lazer/Pyrotechnics Advisory

Attention: Performances and events at Ball Arena may include the use of strobe lighting, haze, lasers and pyrotechnics.


Guests are encouraged not to bring strollers into the arena; however, strollers that fold or collapse to fit underneath seats are permitted if necessary. Larger strollers may be checked into our Guest Relations Kiosks located in the Grand Atrium main entrance, outside of Section 120 and outside of Section 375. Strollers are allowed in suites. Ball Arena assumes no liability for lost, stolen or damaged strollers or items left inside.


Suites are available to lease yearly or to rent on a per-event basis. For information on Suite options, please contact the Premium Sales and Service department at 303-405-6161 or click here. Suite holders may access Suites up to 90 minutes prior to each game or 60 minutes prior to concerts or special events and may remain in their Suites up to 30 minutes after the conclusion of a game or event.


Tailgating is allowed, but not encouraged outside Ball Arena. There are no designated areas within the Toyota Parking Lots and guests may only occupy the number of spaces they have purchased. Saving spaces is not allowed and all Toyota Parking Lots are monitored at all times during events. Open consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all Toyota Parking Lots surrounding Ball Arena. Open fires using logs and charcoal grills are prohibited. Propane tanks must be less than 20 lbs.

Team License Plates

Show your team pride and support Kroenke Sports Charities with a Signature Denver Nuggets or Colorado Avalanche License Plate! Colorado residents who make a $45 donation to Kroenke Sports Charities will be eligible to purchase a team signature license plate. For more information, please email communityrelations@teamkse.com or visit https://www.nba.com/nuggets/license-plate or www.nhl.com/avalanche/community/license-plate.

Team Store

Monday-Friday: 12:00pm-5:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Sunday Closed

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.


Monday – Saturday, 12:00pm-5:00pm

  • Team Store Direct Line: 303-405-1304
  • Kiosks and pop-up stores are available on all concourse levels during Avalanche, Nuggets, and Mammoth games.
  • Altitude Authentics is located just off Chopper Circle on the South side of the Arena adjacent to the Michelob Ultra Mountain House. Parking for the team store is free in the Rav 4 parking lot or 15 min zone on Chopper Circle. The store features official team merchandise of the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets and Colorado Mammoth.
  • For holiday and gameday hours, and other information, please visit the Team Store page



  • Tickets can be purchased online at BallArena.com or Ticketmaster.com.
  • Child Entry: For all Nuggets, Avalanche and Mammoth games, guests three years of age and older are required to have a ticket. Guests under the age of three years may sit in a ticketed guest’s lap. Generally for concerts and special events, guests two years of age and older are required to have a ticket for entry. Please contact Guest Relations for information pertaining to specific events at 303-405-8548.
  • Duplicate Tickets: The facility is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by unauthorized duplication. In the event duplicate copies appear, the facility reserves the right to refuse entry to all ticket holders.
  • Re-Entry: There is NO re-entry into the facility.
  • Resale of Tickets: Transfer and resale of tickets you purchase is available.
  • Reschedule Policy: In general, if a game or event is cancelled, no refunds will be issued if the event is rescheduled, as you will be issued tickets to attend the rescheduled performance. You may also be provided the opportunity to exchange your ticket for a ticket, comparable in price and location, to another similar event as designated by management except as otherwise provided by law. Visit https://blog.ticketmaster.com/refund-credit-canceled-postponed-rescheduled-events/ for information from Ticketmaster regarding tickets for events effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Lost tickets purchased at with Ticket Operations Customer Service team or via Ticketmaster.com may be replaced by emailing TicketOps-CS@TeamKSE.com . With the ticket scanning system at Ball Arena, new tickets are subject to a $25 per ticket replacement fee. In accordance, the original lost/stolen tickets will be deactivated and anyone attempting to use them will be denied entry to the building. If tickets are believed to be stolen, the account holder must file a police report with his/her local law enforcement agency and provide the Ticket Operations Customer Service team with a copy. Once this has been done, the tickets reported as stolen will be replaced.


Call Ball Arena Tours at 303-405-8556 or visit www.BallArena.com/tours for more information.

Wheelchair Escort Service

Wheelchair escort service to and from curbside/doors and guests’ seats is provided by our Guest Relations team upon request. Wheelchair escorts do not need to be set up in advance and may be arranged with any Ball Arena staff member when you arrive. Due to our limited inventory of wheelchairs, we are only able to provide the guest with the escort, guests are not permitted to keep the wheelchair for the duration of the event.

Please call Guest Relations at 303.405.8548 or email us at GuestRelations@TeamKSE.com for more information.


Free Wi-Fi access is available to all guests at Ball Arena events.

The public Wi-Fi name is BALL ARENA PUBLIC.